What has shipped/arrived today?

  • Reports
  • Open Receipts/Shipments
  • Set parameters or Print Preview to see all open inbounds/outbounds
  • Inbounds have been received today.


If it has shipped: screen says:

  • Status: C (Completed)
  • Stage: L (Rdy to Finalize Later)

If it has not yet shipped, screen says:

  • Status: O (Open)
  • Stage: R (Ready)

How do I check a Lot History?

  • Reports Link
  • Transactions Recap
  • You can set parameters for your lot, multiple lots, dates, etc.
  • Print Preview
  • New window opens with Print button in lower left corner.

How many bags/ drums of a certain item (or lot) are not yet allocated?

  • Reports
  • Item Availability
  • Set the parameters for which you want to search

Some housekeeping

Login access is 24/7

We finalize the day’s work each day between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. If you are checking on something after that, or on weekends, it will show as finalized, and not “Open”.

It is impossible for any user to mess anything up, so you can test drive and surf the site worry-free. It is only a “lens” to see your inventory. (Changes cannot be made, and orders cannot be placed.)

Transaction Number is an internal number. Order number is “Shipper Number”

Transaction Date is the date an outbound/inbound was entered in our system.

For any questions, please email Vincent Delon