Hi all the background team,
Thank you very very much for your tremendous help through this extremely difficult time.
People like you make me believe that the days of honest and honorable business are not over. Coming together and tackling the horrors of ocean shipping 2021 confirms that.
With great respect,


When we were considering your services, we looked at your prices and at your competitor’s prices. And although we believed your price to be higher because you were the higher initial price, the fact is that during our tenure with you, you have been the lowest cost. Your productivity is the highest of the warehouses we have used…

We decided to buy in 30 minutes, but we have used your services for years…..

Cathy F
Chemicals /New York

I have been with our company a little over a year now, and with my Warehouse background, I have said it many times, that
Also, on that note of “treat people right”, I can see that from the loyalty of your employees and the
Sandra is very helpful, caring, and on top of EVERYTHING and never fails to update me or offer any assistance that I may need with the day to day container issues. Johanna is always on top of my inbounds, answering questions, extremely helpful and both of these girls I work with are very courteous, professional and a real pleasure to work with.


I have to tell you that Eastern is, without any doubt, the best warehouse we have used. After several [bad experiences elsewhere,] I feel like we are partners, not just random customers. We hope that at a certain point that you would consider opening another warehouse in Baltimore…

We are very proud to work with you guys

Lia W.
Plywood /Colorado

This week was challenging, everything we thought could go wrong did, but it was totally out of our control…however, today was a pretty great day!
I can’t thank Sandra enough, not just this week but everyday…taking my calls, polite, professional, and caring. She is a joy to work with to say the least!


[Your team] takes pride in their work…which is hard to come by these days. We have a made a great decision with moving our freight (to Eastern)

Tracey M.
Food Products /Illinois

It’s no accident that we have been using them for over twenty years. It’s become more than just a business relationship. They are truly business partners…

Ted B.
Chemicals /New York

I just wanted to tell you that …I view your warehouse as a ray of light in a field of warehouse darkness. You all are pleasure to do business with…

Brian M.
Plywood /Colorado

Maybe you can send one of your customer service people to my home and teach my husband to be as charming.