Eastern Warehouse is a family business that serves our customers, and each other. We promptly, professionally, and proactively address the needs, questions, and concerns (both stated and unstated) of our customers.

We pride ourselves on four primary principles:

  • Exceptional Service: Exceeding expectations . Our customers want our work completed efficiently and accurately, at a reasonable price, ahead of schedule, with no drama, by someone they trust and respect. Every decision, and action, must strengthen trust in us to accomplish their goals. Diligently serving our customers, and finding ways to say “yes” to them (even on occasions when they may be unreasonable and uninformed) differentiates us.
  • Professionalism : How we conduct ourselves at work and in public. We show consideration and respect for others. We keep our word. We exceed expectations. We realize that everything about how we work is being scrutinized by every customer, vendor, and partner: how we speak, how we communicate in writing (even our grammar), how we dress, how we listen, how we respond, how we handle adversity, how dedicated we are to improving ourselves and our business. We want our customers, vendors, and partners to feel proud to work together.
  • Proactive Solutions Actively anticipating potential problems, needs or changes. We conquer these challenges before they grow. If we are proactive, we make things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to us.
  • Detail-Obsessed: Caring enough to be thorough & accurate when attacking a task. Obsessively focusing our attention to safety, attention to operational accuracy, attention to administrative accuracy, and even our attention to serving each other.

“Every task is a self-portrait.”