Four generations of Carrolls have left an imprint on Eastern Warehouse and Port Delivery Service. Ninety years of experience in the fields of importing and exporting has made our New York warehouse / NJ warehouse business a leader in both customer satisfaction and continued improvement.

John Joseph Carroll began the legacy of the Carroll warehousing and trucking business as early as 1918. Undoubtedly, he was unaware he would lead four generations in this odyssey. John based his business in Manhattan, and delivered goods throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

The global shipping business began to change in the 1970s and Joseph realized the need to change along with it. Importers began to use shipping containers for worldwide shipping, and Port Newark, NJ became the center of trade for the New York Metropolitan Area. Joseph’s son, Tom, joined the business in 1972, and shortly thereafter the businesses moved to Port Newark. Today, Tom’s leadership in the warehouse makes sure that our customer’s customers are having their needs met.

In 1981, the business would again renew itself. Joseph’s oldest son, John, came aboard. His flexibility and creative solutions leveraged the time and resources of our facilities and our customers. Satisfied customers, and their referrals, kept the business growing for the next twenty years. Eastern Warehouse outgrew the facilities on Panama Street and graduated to larger facilities on Mohawk Street. Soon after, continued growth soon necessitated an additional building on Distribution Street (also in Port Newark, NJ). It was this expansion that eventually led John to accept his son, Joe, into the business. Eastern Warehouse and Port Delivery Service then became a three-generation family business.

From the start of John Carroll’s single-man delivery service in the early 1900’s to the Eastern Warehouse and Port Delivery Service of today, we have continued to make the crucial business decisions needed to provide customer satisfaction and stability. Our competitive advantage has been- and will continue to be- our trademark personal and personable service.