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A family tradition since 1918, Eastern Warehouse and Port Delivery Services located in Port Newark, NJ provides seamless warehousing and trucking solutions for businesses, importers, and exporters. Our customers have raved about our service, attention to detail, accessibility, and professionalism. LEARN MORE

Company News

12 May
Eastern Warehouse Appointments

When delivering freight or picking up freight, kindly use this link: Doing so will ensu..

22 Mar
Facility and Container Terminal Reopen March 22nd

      Customers, Carriers, Brokers, and Friends, Our landlords have announced facility and container te..

22 Aug
Appointment Scheduler Web Portal

      Eastern Warehouse, a leading provider of warehousing and trucking solutions since 1918, is pleased t..

13 Mar
NY Metropolitan area is bracing for between 12-24 + -inches of snowfall in the next 12-36 hours

      In anticipation of the storm, most of the Newark/Elizabeth/Bayonne container terminals have announce..



Maybe you can send one of your customer service people to my home and teach my husband to be as charming.

Debbie W.

Paint pigments

When we were considering your services, we looked at your prices and at your competitor’s prices. And although we believed your price to be higher because you were the higher initial price, the fact is that during our tenure with you, you have been the lowest cost. Your productivity is the highest of the warehouses we have used…

We decided to buy in 30 minutes, but we have used your services for years…..

Cathy F


I have to tell you that Eastern is, without any doubt, the best warehouse we have used. After several [bad experiences elsewhere,] I feel like we are partners, not just random customers. We hope that at a certain point that you would consider opening another warehouse in Baltimore…

We are very proud to work with you guys

Lia W.